Meet The Team
James McNeil
Oahu, HI
James has had quite the journey so far to get to where he is now. Hailing from the Great Lakes region where his love for the water came at a very young age, he grew up around his family of swimmers, sailors, surfers and artists. A Free dive and Scuba instructor, he is a faithful waterman who has worked and trained all over the world, including Southeast Asia as well as the Bahamas and Hawaii. With his background and schooling in Audio Engineering, James composes pieces of music specifically for meditation, yoga and freediving. Combining his spiritual connection to the water and music, James paints an impression that leaves his listeners and students with a sense of pureness and calmness. 

"My pieces of music showcase the inner workings of me as a human and I use my compositions as the ultimate release. With Free diving and immersion in general, I try to manifest the feelings we all have when underwater and let that guide us.”
Tanner Pedersen
Central FL
It started for Tanner back in 2015 on his first dive trip to Bonaire, where he discovered his love and passion for the underwater world.  When the first taste was not enough, he tried to balance a 9-5 in Charlotte, NC with many trips to the Florida springs.  It was on his fourth mid-summer trip, after taking his first free dive class with Go Native, that it quickly became clear that the balance in his life was skewed.  Upon returning to NC, Tanner decided it was time to truly live, and so he quit his job, packed his bare necessities, and pointed his wheels south.

Once in Florida, Tanner set his path towards the goal of becoming a free dive instructor.  He knew his ultimate purpose was to share the life changing experience that is free diving the underwater world.  It is in this beautiful alien waterscape that Tanner was able to find what be believes is one of life’s keys to enlightenment within. 

Now having this key in his grasp, he decided his first step down this path was to continue to train and learn under Forrest Simon and obtained his goal of becoming a PADI certified free dive instructor.  Having this in hand he began the next leg of his journey; to help others who experience free diving not only to find peace within, but how it can translate peace to our entire lives. 

“it is my personal mission and honor as a Go Native free dive instructor to share with each of my students the mindfulness and serenity that the underwater world is capable of delivering.  It is with the knowledge and skills obtained both in the classroom and by practicing this mindfulness in a breathless environment that we are able to really surrender our doubts, anxieties, and fears to an ever changing yet timeless environment.  It is in the water that I found a place of love, healing, and friendship with both people and Mother Nature, and it’s this sacred place that I wish to invite each of you to with me!”
Scott Wenzel
FL Keys
Growing up in South Florida and the Keys, Scott was immersed in life  around the ocean from a very young age. Early exposure to offshore fishing, spearfishing, and freediving lead Scott to develop a passion for the water.  Quickly, spearfishing trips grew deeper and deeper which lead him to pursue education in freediving.  From his first course, Scott was hooked on the feeling that came from conquering new depths and achieving his goals. 

He soon found himself taking every class he could learning information and techniques from many instructors across many agencies. Through this knowledge gained he was able to reach depths over 150+ ft using bifins.  Now Scott has turned to instructing and finds joy in sharing his passion with his students.  Not only does Scott arm you with the safety, techniques, and skills needed to become a better freediver, but also the philosophy behind achieving enjoyable and effortless dives.