DEPOSIT: To reserve your spot in a Go Native Freediving Course a deposit is made via Venmo or PayPal. Full payment must be submitted within 2 days of scheduled course date. 

CANCELLATIONS: When cancelling a reserved spot a full refund is available. Please see below for the different course refund policies. If a cancellation is made after the written deadline the deposit can be put towards rescheduling or for another course with Go Native Freediving.

*** The following courses are available for full refund up to 30 days before the scheduled date: 

- Basic
- Freediver
- Advanced
- Master

Instructor Course refund Policy: A full refund is available up to 60 days of the scheduled Instructor course date. After that Go Native Freedivining will honor any rescheduling needs. 

When signing up for any Go Native Freediving courses you are agreeing to the terms and contitons of the deposit and refund policy. 

ALL Freedive CAMPS:  Deposits are non refundable for DEEP camps and Total Immersion Camps.  With that being said there are situations we will give a partial/full refund but this falls at the discretion of Go Native Freediving.  We will however credit your deposit towards rescheduling for a future date with no penalty.